Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hamuli - the new ISH newsletter

The inaugural issue of Hamuli (PDF, 3.8MB), the new Society newsletter, is now available! And the amount of content provided by ISH members was truly astounding. Thanks to everyone for helping make this happen! Feedback is greatly appreciated, so that future issues will be even better. (I know the layout isn't perfect, but what else should be fixed?) I used Adobe InDesign (CS3) to put it together, so if anyone knows any tricks or wants to have the original .indd file let me know!

The deadline for volume 2, issue 1 is December 31, 2010, so get your writer's caps on!

UPDATE: A. Dal Molin pointed out that I introduced a typo into her article about Pe. Moure. He passed away this year (2010), not in 2009. My apologies to all. This typo is fixed in the newest PDF version, available at the link above.