Wednesday, May 8, 2013

International Congress in Cusco, Peru

International meetings of the ISH take place every four years and planning is underway for our next congress in beautiful Cusco, Peru (July 20-25, 2014). 

Our contact and organizer this year is Frank Azorsa Salazar. Please get in touch if you have any immediate questions. 

Frank Azorsa Salazar
Centro de Ecología y Biodiversidad - CEBIO
Surco, Lima 33, PERÚ
E-mail: frankazorsa (at) gmail (dot) com
E-mail: fazorsa (at) cebioperu (dot) org
Skype: frankazorsa

More information is coming soon and will be made available on our meeting webpage and through the blog. It is time to start making plans now. This is not a meeting to miss!!