Thursday, August 28, 2014

Journal of Hymenoptera Research Update

Dear Hymenopterists:

I am happy to share with you some more good news from the Journal of Hymenoptera Research, besides the increase of its Impact Factor to 0.966!

I am pleased to inform you that the Journal of Hymenoptera Research moved to a brand new editorial platform available at Enjoy for example the list of taxa showing their usages through the paper, the interactive online map, the article and sub-article level  metrics, the figures, the taxon profile, and much more. 

Easy navigation and discovery is provided through several filters on the left bar of articles and authors browsing pages. 

The tool embedded in the reference page allows you to search for online versions of an article and published data through several trusted sources such as CrossRef, PubMed, Mendeley, RefBank, DataCite and others.

Please do not hesitate to complete your personal profiles with portrait photos and eventually correct/amend your areas of interest.

The old platform and web address will still exist for a while, until we finish the editorial work on the manuscripts that are still in review. 

Enjoy it!

Lyubomir (from Pensoft Publishing)